So after DAYS of soaking the roosters foot in sea salt water (and rinsing with betadine), the scab finally came off. The top of his foot is still swollen between the toes, but he's finished his antibiotics and on the road to recovery. We did have to wrap the foot to prevent further infection, and he's still a prisoner in his crate (poor thing!). We have also cut the size of our chicken pen in half and managed to clean the yard up in the process. We hope to start building a new coop soon, and I'll post picture updates when we get around to it. Our 10 new chickens are really taking to their new home (they can finally scratch in the dirt!). I believe that at least 3 of them are roosters, so I'd like to find them a new home. We really have no need for more than 1 rooster. Our oldest hen, Mama, is in the process of molting. The poor thing has almost no wing feathers left! She really looks a fright, and there are feathers EVERYWHERE in the coop. Well I can hear the hummingbirds griping outside my window, so I'd better get a move on. Here's to a PRODUCTIVE day!

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