Cute craft projects

I am LOVING this site... OnePrettyThing is a website chock-full of craft projects (it links you to other websites). They have everything categorized by theme, so it's easy to find what you're looking for (just be sure you click on "categories" at the top of the page to get a full list of everything the site has to offer). My husband just surprised me with a Dremel tool the other day (I've always wanted one!) so this site will hopefully inspire me with lots of fun things to create. Hope you like it! Visit them HERE!


Slow to go...

I have REALLY been falling behind on my blog! I guess the end of summer is busier when you have kiddos going back to school. This year I'll have one in pre-k and another starting first grade. It will be SO nice with just me and the little one at home (at least for half a day!). Maybe I can make it through this pile of magazines I've been putting off... they're starting to overwhelm me! I certainly plan on directing a little more attention towards my blog. I also desperately need to get back in the habit of meal planning and freezer cooking... it certainly makes my evenings less stressful! I really need to make and freeze cookie batter in sliceable rolls. I plan on trying several recipes out of a vegetarian cookbook I have (just to add more veges to our repertoire) as well as some different cookie recipes, instead of the same old 3 recipes I seem to adhere to. So looking forward to fall... my favorite time of year! I do believe I'll sit down tonight and make a list of goals for the coming months (something I never do!). Gee... does that count as "me" time? Guess it does when you're a mom!


Free Swiffer Duster!

I hate dusting as much as the next person, but it's certainly a lot easier with Swiffer! I'll never use a feather duster again! You can receive a FREE Swiffer duster from Vocalpoint HERE! Be sure to let them know what you think!




Don't get me wrong, I love having chickens... But I could most certainly live without the chicken snake! I just caught #5 dining on my day's bounty. My husband wasn't home, so I retrieved my AWESOME neighbor to deal with the foul thing. Unfortunately, he was having trouble finding his ammunition, so this one managed to slither away. I'm sure we'll catch him in the act again soon, so no worries. In the meantime, we're working on plans for a new, more snake-proof coop!


Attention Music Lovers!

I read an article a few months ago about a music site called "Spotify" and that it was coming to the U.S. (it had already been available in Europe for a few years). Sounded interesting until I read that you had to be invited to even join. So much for that... and then about a week ago, I see a post from a company I follow offering an invite to join (first 40,000 only).  I was so excited! And surprisingly, I got in. It's nothing more than a music player that you download (you can also access it on your Iphone or Android, but I think you have to pay for that), but it's AWESOME! You can create playlists, listen from any computer... you can even add entire albums with a simple click. Millions of songs, and it's all free. If you haven't yet received an invite, you can register at their site and get on a waiting list (I've heard some people have only had to wait a few days). Check it out and let me know what you think! You can find Spotify HERE!