Don't you just LOVE walking outside to this in the mornings? Especially when you don't even OWN a dog? Especially when you're already running late and you haven't even fed the goats or chickens yet??! You know what they say about fences making good neighbors!! I'm obviously gonna have to have a talk with my daughter about taking the trash TO THE CAN!


DSLR Newbie!

Ok, when I say I'm a procrastinator, I mean it... I've had a DSLR camera for a YEAR now but I've never bothered to learn how to shoot in manual mode! I was veryyyy close to giving in & spending a bunch of money on a photography class, but then I decided to search the web first. I stumbled upon a blog that had done a series that promises to teach you to shoot in manual mode in just 31 days (1 lesson per day!). Totally doable for a working mom of 3! Yesterday was Day 1 for me, so we'll see how this goes! I will try to find time to start posting the pics I take on here as soon as possible. Checkout the blog here ---> http://my3boybarians.com/31-days-to-a-better-photo/


New addition

Almost forgot! This is Dot (on the left). She is Freckles' sister. The girl we bought Freckles from called & offered to give us Dot for free, simply because Dot was so depressed without her sister. I see what she means... If you separate them for even a minute they both start yelling for each other! Silly girls... Hope they get along this well with the baby goat we're getting in about a month!


So apparently I'm not as well read on chickens as I thought I was... Had no idea I was supposed to be worming them! Luckily I had a friend tell me about Ivermectin (works on horses, cows & goats too!). It comes in pour-on, injectable & paste. I read online that you should only use a pea-sized amount for chickens.

 Took me awhile, but I was able to catch one chicken at a time and feed them a small piece of bread with the paste on it. The only downside is that you have to discard their eggs for 7 days following the medicine. You can also use the pour-on ivermectin to treat mites. Just put a few drops behind their neck (just like you would with cat or dog flea drops). Sounds a lot easier than dusting them with diatomaceous earth! 


Goat update

Well, she hasn't "cried" as much as we thought she would. Which is nice! She likes to be walked (I'm sure my neighbors are amused!), & she loves molasses horse treats. Why didn't we get a goat years ago?!