Get 'em moving!

This is a great idea for kids that have to be prodded to get up and move! What a great idea... a pedometer for kids! Gets them moving with a reward program that they access online (they can earn prizes or even gift cards!). I'm ordering 2!

FREEBIE from SaveMore!

SaveMore has 2 great deals today (especially if you're a new customer!). The first one is a tooth whitening pen worth $29.99 for only $8.50 (free shipping!) and the second is $20 worth of educational toys for only $8! If you are a new customer, you'll automatically get a $10 credit when you sign up, so either deal will be free (you do have to pay shipping on the toy deal). It does ask for your credit card information when you purchase your voucher, but you aren't charged anything. These are both great deals, so hurry and snag them while they last! Click HERE!


I'm not eating THAT!

Tired of fighting with your kids to eat their vegetables? Visit the Sneaky Chef to find out her tricks for sneaking fruits and vegetables into your kids' foods without them ever knowing the difference. I tried it, and it was awesome! Now I try to remember to sneak in a little in everything I can. She has several books out about how to do it. Who would of thought to put blueberries and spinach into brownies?! Trust me, you have to try it to believe it. Yum!


Getting healthy

I started juicing about 8 years ago but quickly fell out of habit. Now that I've been reading about the raw food diet, I'm anxious to start again. I'll never go completely raw, but juicing is at least ONE raw thing I can commit to. I always liked mixing apples and carrots... you really don't taste the carrots! You can even sneak in a little parsley and never notice it. Unfortunately, my juicer seems to have been missplaced after all these years, so I may have to spring for a new one. Oh well... I never buy anything for myself anyway! I recently found lots of great smoothie recipes in an issue of Whole Living magazine (http://www.wholeliving.com/) and I'd love to try a few. I wonder if I could just use a blender for juicing recipes and get the fiber benefit from all the fruits and vegetables going in... don't really understand the reason for discarding all the pulp. You blend everything whole in a smoothie, after all. So at least I know where my blender is! Which reminds me... I gotta go throw some bananas in the freezer before I forget! Enjoy!



The giveaway has ended... congratulations to Myranda C.!

Test Your Eco-IQ

Think your eco-knowledge is pretty good? Take this test from BeliefNet and find out! Go HERE!


Motts for Tots Offer!

If you aren't already a member of Vocalpoint, sign up today and receive a freebie from Motts for Tots. (If you are a member, just click on the link and sign in). Vocalpoint will send you freebies and coupons in your inbox, so sign up today! Click HERE!


101 Uses For Vinegar!

I can't say enough how much I LOVE vinegar! Sure it might smell a bit funny, but it is so versatile. The smell disappears in minutes, anyway. Check out the following pages to learn new and interesting ways to use my favorite all-natural cleaner:

Great deal at SaveMore today only!

If you are new to SaveMore, you can get a $10 credit just for signing up. And today's deal is only $8! FREEBIE! You can use your voucher towards products, but not on shipping on this one. Sign up today!

Click HERE to get this deal!


Free samples from eBay?!

Don't know how I missed this one, but even eBay is getting in on the coupon & free sample craze. Just visit http://extras.ebay.com/ and scroll down to click on "free samples" (left side of the page). It's almost like a master list of all the free samples currently being offered! You can also print coupons here, but they look like they're the same ones available at coupons.com (and it may even print through them...). Also, if you are crazy about free samples, BE SURE you check out http://www.mysavings.com/ and sign up for their newsletter. There are more free samples listed here than ANYWHERE I've found. Just don't complain when they're overrunning your mailbox! Ha!



If you are looking for something free to do outside, look no further than http://www.geocaching.com/. It is the most fun your kids will ever have with a cell phone! All you need is a smart phone or a handheld GPS device (the kind used for hiking) and you're on your way. All over the world, geocachers hide boxes and then upload the coordinates to geocaching.com. All you have to do is access their app on your smart phone (or download the coordinates into your handheld GPS). It's free (minus the cost of the app) and it gets you outside on a treasure hunt with your whole family. My kids absolutely love it! The best part is, most of the larger caches contain small trinkets or prizes for kids to find. You simply leave a new prize and choose one to take with you. There are even travel bugs that get moved from cache to cache, and you can look up and see where all they've been. I HIGHLY encourage you to get your kids involved today.

Free pens and more!

Head over to the Union Pen Company and you can request 5 free samples. Just make sure that each item you select is less than $5 each, click on "get sample" and you'll get all 5 free. You can get pens, key tags, bags, coffee mugs... there's lots to choose from. Happy sampling!


Another free Father's Day card!

Another free Father's Day card from Tiny Prints! Just visit http://tinyprints.tellapal.com/a/clk/KsQFq and enter promo code FREEFD at checkout. Your card will be completely free... including shipping! Nice!


Summer on a budget!

Our summer is in full swing here in Southeast Texas. It's been close to 100 degrees the last several days! We are already settling into our new routine. We visited the local library today for storytime (our first time, too!). The kids seemed to enjoy it, as well as the unexpected craft project that followed. I was very proud of how quietly they sat through it all. I also signed the kids up for the summer reading program (where they'll be able to score some freebies for every 20 books they read). After checking out several books, I managed to FINALLY remember to check the back of the library for the coupon section, and sure enough... IT DOES EXIST! Now I know where to drop off all the ones I won't be using (as well as peruse through the stacks!). I was really surprised how many there were. Needless to say, we will return again tomorrow for another craft day they've scheduled. And I will certainly come prepared with coupons in hand! (Find a list of local libraries in YOUR area at http://www.publiclibraries.com/).


When you need a minute...

I have used http://www.myinnerworld.com/ for years. It is the best way I know of to relax when you are stuck at your computer (either at work OR home!). It reminds you to always take a minute for yourself. It's so easy to forget! I love how it takes you on a mini-journey. Check it out! You'll be glad you did.... (I highly recommend creating an account... you can plant seeds, keep a wish journal and lots more when you do).


Free father's day card!

Today only! Visit Tiny Prints, create a Father's Day card, choose to have it sent to you (or pay 44 cents to have it mailed directly) and then enter coupon code 4FDAY at checkout. I just received my first order from Tiny Prints today and I was VERY impressed with them. I highly recommend this company!


If you are new to SaveMore, you can score a free $8 credit just for signing up, and use it towards today's online deal to get $20 worth of Esse reusable totes (just pay shipping). You can also hang on to the credit for a future purchase. Just link through here --->  http://svmr.co/pqm


"Everyone needs an Alice!"

Now THIS is an interesting retail site... http://www.alice.com/ . I just read about it in my Family Circle magazine, and thought I'd check it out. It says you purchase home essentials DIRECT from the manufacturer, shipping is always free, and coupons are automatically applied! Sounds too good to be true! Has anyone else used this site? I do believe I'll try it once and see if it's worth it. It would definitely be a bonus for working moms (or even those of us stay-at-home moms that don't feel like lugging multiple kiddos to the store!). Look it over and let me know what you think!


Loads of free samples

I do NOT intend for this to be another one of those free sample alert blogs, so I'll just share a little secret with ya... http://www.startsampling.com/samples.iphtml . They offer almost ALL of the current freebies (instead of just getting one a day from those other guys!). I've received most of mine already... really love this site!