Roses are red...

A few months ago, we heard that a local grocery store had all of it's potted roses on clearance for $2 each... so of course we ran out and grabbed several! I had no clue what kind they were until we got home with them. We'd never grown roses before, but these were "Knockout Roses" and were supposed to be very easy. I must say, I have been very impressed with these. They grow pretty quickly and they bloom ALL the time (continuously all summer, so far!). We planted them in a bed of Southeast Texas gumbo (tilled in a little bark mulch and red sand), and I'm happy to say they actually did pretty well (most plants won't grow well in gumbo).

We also planted a larger rose (pictured below; I believe it was called "Strike It Rich" and it's a Weeks' rose) in the same bed of gumbo. It also did VERY well. This one gets really tall and the roses start off peach and then fade to pink at the edges after a day or so. I wanted a stronger smelling variety, but my husband fell in love with the crazy coloring of this one and had to have it.

 So if you're looking to start growing roses, be sure to try Knockout... I highly recommend them for a first timer!

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