Give a Gift of Chicks!

If you love raising chickens like we do, you should really consider giving to Heifer International. They are by far my favorite charity. You simply pick which animals you would like to "gift" to a family in need, and they are given the animals plus all the training they need to raise them (there are many different animals to choose from, and they go to poor areas all over the world). Once the animals have produced offspring, the family gifts them to another needy family in their village and the cycle continues until everyone in the village has been helped. I love the idea of gifting chickens, simply because they offer so much: eggs to sell, meat to eat, and manure to fertilize their farms. It only costs $20 to give a flock of chicks. Please consider making this a part of your annual donations. Thanks so much! Click HERE to give a gift of chicks or HERE to see what other animal gifts are available.

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