Slow to go...

I have REALLY been falling behind on my blog! I guess the end of summer is busier when you have kiddos going back to school. This year I'll have one in pre-k and another starting first grade. It will be SO nice with just me and the little one at home (at least for half a day!). Maybe I can make it through this pile of magazines I've been putting off... they're starting to overwhelm me! I certainly plan on directing a little more attention towards my blog. I also desperately need to get back in the habit of meal planning and freezer cooking... it certainly makes my evenings less stressful! I really need to make and freeze cookie batter in sliceable rolls. I plan on trying several recipes out of a vegetarian cookbook I have (just to add more veges to our repertoire) as well as some different cookie recipes, instead of the same old 3 recipes I seem to adhere to. So looking forward to fall... my favorite time of year! I do believe I'll sit down tonight and make a list of goals for the coming months (something I never do!). Gee... does that count as "me" time? Guess it does when you're a mom!

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