Getting healthy

I started juicing about 8 years ago but quickly fell out of habit. Now that I've been reading about the raw food diet, I'm anxious to start again. I'll never go completely raw, but juicing is at least ONE raw thing I can commit to. I always liked mixing apples and carrots... you really don't taste the carrots! You can even sneak in a little parsley and never notice it. Unfortunately, my juicer seems to have been missplaced after all these years, so I may have to spring for a new one. Oh well... I never buy anything for myself anyway! I recently found lots of great smoothie recipes in an issue of Whole Living magazine (http://www.wholeliving.com/) and I'd love to try a few. I wonder if I could just use a blender for juicing recipes and get the fiber benefit from all the fruits and vegetables going in... don't really understand the reason for discarding all the pulp. You blend everything whole in a smoothie, after all. So at least I know where my blender is! Which reminds me... I gotta go throw some bananas in the freezer before I forget! Enjoy!

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